That’s right, JFK Jr.’s Publication from the mid-1990s has made a comeback and like the original George, it won’t just be politics as usual. John Kennedy Jr. was the Editor-in-Chief of George Magazine, a polished publication focused on culture, art, and POLITICS. The magazine ran from 1995 to 2001, featuring 57 issues with 58 inventive covers (the August 2000 issue offered two different covers, one of JFK and the other of Ronald Reagan).

John Kennedy Jr. shared Charles De Gaulle’s sentiment that “politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.” George Magazine was his way to simplify and humanize politics, to entice the American people to take a more active role in their governing, and to share much needed information in a creative way. Many of the articles featured in the original magazines pertain to current events, a fact that has led many to wonder if John Kennedy Jr. was some sort of time traveler!

This is why so many people are excited about “George 2.0”! Because they loved the clever mixture of pop culture and politics that JFK Jr. introduced to the world. We loved it as well!

However, during the past two+ decades, the world has evolved and so did “George”.

Today’s George will, as in the past, combine politics and pop-culture, but we are adding sections regarding faith and religion, business, finance, luxury living, travel, and a section for video interviews. We will interview and write about people with conflicting viewpoints and let you—the reader—form your own opinions.

Our vision wasn’t to produce “another publication”. It was to produce artwork! Every cover features a unique, striking image, hand-painted by “The Commander’s Artist”, (internationally acclaimed Michael Marrone). Inside, you’ll be dazzled by a combination of custom graphics and world-class page layout. We contracted with a printing company that will produce our art into an oversized, high-quality, coffee table book that you will be proud to display.

We hope you’ll join us as we continue the quest to “demystify the political process,” as John Kennedy Jr. wrote in his Editor’s Letter in the Inaugural Issue 27 years ago. Though it was written in 1995, that mission is needed just as much--if not more--now. Hello George!

You may CLICK HERE to purchase our regular magazine or CLICK HERE if you are interested in our “Collector’s Edition”; limited to only 2,400 issues and each cover is unique and numbered.

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