In the late 1990s, John F. Kennedy Jr. founded and was the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine called George. George was revolutionary, in that it was a unique blend of politics and pop culture. This mixture had never been tried before…and at that time was truly cutting edge.

Political magazines are typically very straight-forward and, well… dry. George introduced a more entertaining angle, politics blended with humor and pop-culture, which then made topics of the day more interesting to the average reader. Noteworthy covers included Charles Barkley posing as George Washington, Harrison Ford dressed up as Abraham Lincoln, and even Howard Stern as George Washington (a remarkable similarity there for sure).

We are bringing George back! That’s right, we are bringing back JFK Jr’s dream in bringing back the George publication.

Today’s George will, as in the past, combine politics and pop-culture, but we are adding sections regarding faith and religion, business, luxury living, travel, and a section for video interviews.

At, we will post each magazine in flip-book format that will be free to the world. This will give the public access as well as ensure that our coveted advertisers will get eyes on their messages for many years to come. For our print edition, we will be offering high-quality, over-sized, coffee table issues. Lastly, we will also make available limited run, custom-cover collector’s editions.



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