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The American Dream 

By Andre Popa

My family and I immigrated to this beautiful Land of The Free, Land of Opportunity, the American Dream… in 1979! I was merely 9 years old on that hot and exciting August night as we landed at Los Angeles International Airport.  The nightlights made the City of Angels seem bigger than the whole country of Romania! 

Escaping communism came at a price my father had to pay during the second world war.  He was recruited by the Americans, along with thousands of other young men from the eastern block of Europe, to train them in espionage.  After 18 months, they were no longer needed and turned over to the respective authorities. Most received life sentences, some survived and some did not.  My father was released along with many others after 14 years, serving from the age of 19 to 34!

Fast forward to 1979, the American government stepped in and provided an exit strategy for those same young men.  What would typically take 25-50 years to receive an exit visa from the Romanian Communist Government, we had ours in 2 months! And so did all the others that were still alive!

Why would so many want to flee a Communist State and find opportunity in other parts of the world, such as America the Great? Freedom? The U.S. Constitution? America’a Bill of Rights?  The answer is YES, all of that and so much more… 

Most Americans know there is a Constitution, yet have they read it?  Do we really know how it represents and protects us? Do we really know the Amendments?  Knowledge is only power when it is put into action as a plan, executed, and applied.   My message to the world has been very clear.  Get involved, research, study and find the Truth! Only Truth shall set you Free! 

My Father gave our Family new opportunity in this beautiful system called America!  He worked his ass off to provide and protect us!  He was always involved in some sort of politics in Romania and the USA!  In his last years he often spoke of the Communist similarities and direction America is going in. Many chose not to believe and even ridicule him.  Yet here we are, in 2022 where Americans don’t know what to believe anymore.  We’ve been divided into Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, etc… Divided we are weak!

The Human Dynamic wants and deserves to be free, not controlled and manipulated!  Can you imagine if the scholastic system really taught the Constitution? How about the Amendments?  How about Civil Law?  Instead, we memorized the 50 states! How’s that working out for us?  This begs the question of “What to do”?! Again, get involved, research and find the Truth! 

This article is dedicated to my father, the most courageous man I’ve known, Neculai Popa! 

Andre Popa 

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