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God I miss Rudy Giuliani

Eight months in, Eric Adams TALKS about his experience, and that he knows what the crime problem is. He just doesn't DO ANYTHING about it.”

By George Young

God, I miss Rudy Giuliani.

You can make as much fun of the elder statesman as you like, but if you lived in NYC in the 70s and 80s (Yes, I did), you would understand what a brilliant job he performed.

Times Square was the pornography and prostitution center of the universe.

Central Park was nowhere to be at night . . . or even during the day.

The Bronx lost so many residents and buildings to urban blight, crime, and occupancy flight the city lost track of the number of empty apartments.

The subways were graffiti-covered homages to the disappearance of civic and community pride.

The municipal unions were out of control.

An endless (seemingly, anyway) parade of inept Democratic mayors from Wagner through Dinkins made the situation worse with each term.

These mayors from Central Casting made brilliant speeches, dressed well and looked good in public.

But each mayor DID NOTHING.

The city, desperate for a solution, tossed out David Dinkins after one term, and elected Rudy Giuliani.

By the time he finished his second term, Times Square put Disneyland to shame; Central Park could be traversed in the dark; and the subways took a shower and showed up for work, if not on time, certainly more conscientiously.

The usual malcontents, the ones who elect substance abusing dopes like Bill de Blasio and box-checking glad handers like Eric Adams howled about the City as Police State. They lampooned the safe, fun, and entertaining Times Square. They groused about the lack of personality in Central Park.

And at the first opportunity, after a fine 12-year management job by Michael Bloomberg, they installed the Body by Entenmann's Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

In less than eight years, NYC returned to the unsafe, crime-infested urban area of the 70s and 80s. People left. Jobs disappeared. The pandemic was badly handled. Riots broke out in the name of justice. Billions of dollars of property were destroyed. And our bloated Mayor painted "Black Lives Matter" on Fifth Avenue.

Ironic, since the famous thoroughfare received the brunt of the SJW wrath in the Summer of 2020.

In 2021, Mayor de Blasio was termed out. On the campaign trail Eric Adams boasted of his credentials as a former police captain. He knew the city. He knew how to fix the crime problem.

Eight months in, Eric Adams TALKS about his experience, and that he knows what the crime problem is.

He just doesn't DO ANYTHING about it.

It took more than three decades and five mayors before the residents of Manhattan had enough and voted for a Republican. In less than five years, that member of the GOP returned the city to its former greatness.

Do we have decades to wait?

Can we handle three more inept, smooth-talking, flashy dressing, Do Nothings at Gracie Mansion?

Wise up, New York City.

It's not too late.


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