Faith Monument

By Sheila Holm

Photo by Robert Agee

The Pilgrims designed and paid for the Faith Monument.

The monument is based upon FAITH in the heavenly Father and the Bible. That is why FAITH is at the top of the monument, pointing to heaven and holding the Bible.

Photo by Sheila Holm

With FAITH, the four pillars of the Faith Monument are: MORALITY, LAW, EDUCATION and LIBERTY. The four basic pillars are identified and explained to help us learn how to live our daily life in truth, learning how to obtain and retain liberty and freedom in America.
The pillars are the basis of the scripture: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6
The Pilgrims set this plan in motion by banning all pagan feasts and festivals which were celebrated in Europe. They lived under tyranny which became worse generation by generation.

The ‘American Experiment’ is the term used often because the Pilgrim plan was not passed on generation to generation. The Pilgrims hoped future generations in America would remain separate and set apart from the world and not align with the world and allow evil to enter in and create tyranny in America to the point it would overtake America.  

Their hope was for the people in America to learn the truth and live in truth regarding MORALITY, LAW, EDUCATION and LIBERTY per the Bible so the future generations would be able to retain Liberty and Freedom on the land. Their passion was evident in everything they did, from establishing colonies to writing state constitutions. 

The Pilgrim plan was a 500-year plan. It was developed by the Pilgrims who knew how powerful it was for them to be able to read a bible in English. The translation did not happen until William Tyndale translated the bible and smuggled copies to England in 1535.  

Often, I am asked: “Where is the 500 year Pilgrim plan ‘written down’?” 

The answer is easy: The Pilgrim Plan is revealed by their design and descriptions on the granite Faith Monument. It is a simplified plan to help us know how to obtain and retain Liberty and Freedom. 

Photo by Robert Agee

The Faith Monument was not erected until 1889.
The title which appears on the front of the monument confirms the title was changed to A National Monument to the Forefathers, Erected by a Grateful People.
Nobody was credited with providing the monument, a monument which is hidden from the people and even the main streets in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Pilgrim Society paid for the monument.

The Pilgrims designed the monument.

The Pilgrim Society paid for the monument.

The Pilgrims identified FAITH as the title of the monument.

The Pilgrims are not mentioned and their efforts are not identified on the monument.
Governor William Bradford’s wife fell overboard and drowned in quiet water after the Mayflower anchored in Cape Cod, a short distance from Plymouth. He continued and became an amazing leader of the Pilgrims and the Colony.
Many of the Pilgrims traveled without their family members.
More than half of the people on the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, businessmen and crew, died during the first winter.
The Faith Monument confirms the commitment of the Pilgrims and their desire for America to be a land where people would be able to live free from tyranny, obtain and retain Liberty and Freedom on the land for their generation and future generations.
In future issues of George, the four pillars of the Faith Monument will be shared, pillar by pillar along with each of the sections of the monument between the pillars.

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Sheila Holm is an author and speaker focused on the goal to Save America, an international business coach, a former owner of a corporation after a career as a corporate director.

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