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Interview with The Commander’s Artist

By Donna Gwin

I’m honored to have a very special interview with an artist many of you have come to know, and respect, for his amazing art. He’s an artist who will be remembered as a Patriot, who with his brush, sharp eye, and great talent, captured the political battle of our lifetime in brilliant color. We’ve seen those, such as, Lt. General Michael Flynn and the greatest President of our lifetime, Donald Trump, come alive in his pieces. His artwork has also given us a look into the “Hitleresque” tyranny of those who have tried to destroy all that we know and love about our great Nation. You know him as: The Commander’s Artist.

DG- At what age did you discover you had a gift for art?

Well, by the age of nine I was drawing comic book characters. My aunt thought I was tracing the images but when my mother showed her the original image I was drawing from, mine was twice the size.

DG- What type of training did you receive for expanding YOUR art?

Well, after I served in the military for my country, I attended the Art Institute to further my learning.

DG- What made you decide to do POLITICAL art as a form of communicating ideas?

I would say the idea came when the social media platforms started silencing Patriot Voices, truth, and facts. Memes were a way to say what needed to be said without saying a word. Then I decided to do more in the way of serious Prints as opposed to memes. I wanted it to be more professional mimicking a magazine cover.

DG- You pour your heart and soul into each piece. I feel your own convictions, beliefs and core values show in each one. How much do you feel you pull on these values when working on each individual painting?

I try to keep it simple not overpowering my values on others but just show how I perceive them.

DG- You bring such life to each piece. The characters in your Art seem to come from a place of deep admiration for Patriots, and at the same time, shines light on those who have shown themselves to be very much anti-American. Have you ever feared retaliation when you show them in an honest, truthful but what they see as unfavorable light?

Interesting question Donna, Yes at first but as of today I believe fear needs to be put in check if we want to get the truth out.

DG- I know you put many hours into each work of Art. Where do you get the ideas and decide which person or subject to work on next?

My friends call it a God thing! I have to agree with them because the ideas flow so naturally. I might be creative but this is coming from a higher creative spirit.

DG – How do you come up with amazing new ideas to paint?

Like I said it’s a God thing! 

DG – At the event in Vegas, a lady came who had lost everything, her job gone, due to Covid-19, and she had spent the last of her money to get there. She wanted to be there to learn and meet Lt General Flynn. There was so much happening she wasn’t going to be able to meet him. As soon as you saw her heart breaking, you gifted her two signed art pieces by Gen-Flynn. You always make time and give to everyone.

What drives you to give so much of your hard work away, asking nothing in return?

Simple, it’s better to give than receive is what I believe is the true blessing in this life. Nothing worse than a greedy person always taking and never giving back. Believe me, I have met many like this.

DG – How did you meet General Flynn?

That’s a story that Gen-Mike are saving for another time to do together.

DG – Do you work with General Flynn? Was his sister the key to open the door? A friend told me Generals Flynn’s sister Barbara, followed her on Twitter, so I made contact with her there and Barbara is the one who put me in touch with General Flynn.

Yes, I am General Flynn’s commissioned Artist among many other high-profile people. We have worked together to do Benefits for many different people and organizations, and still do.

DG – I hear Donald Trump has your art, is this true? Just recently at Mar-a-Lago?

Yes, that is true. I am truly honored he loved the PRINT. of him and his son Barron.

DG- I’ve known you for a long time and I know how hard you’ve worked and how long you have waited for one of your Art pieces to get to President Trump. Can you describe how you felt when you finally witnessed the amazing Piece of Trump and his son Baron being handed to him? I know I was excited, and my heart was so very proud for you.

I nearly fell off my chair when the news from two of my friends texted me a video of him receiving it.

DG – When did you get involved with Clay Clark Freedom tour?

The first time was July of 2021. I was asked by Gen-Mike to show the world my art as a motivational and inspiring form for the true patriots to get involved in saving AMERICA.

DG – Had you had any clue to the fact GEORGE publication was interested in you doing the cover art?

Had no clue till I received a phone call asking if I’ll do the cover art for all issues.

DG- When you found out your Art was going to be on the cover of GEORGE, would you give us an idea of how you processed that fact, knowing that you Almost Quit at one time?

Well, there’s a person in my life that kept me motivated to keep doing my work. I was about to retire my art creations. A longtime friend Donna Gwin or KittyPatriot4America as she’s known on social media, she refused to let me quit. If I mentioned quitting, she would stay on me until I gave in. She kept telling me, “God has a plan for you Mike, You Can’t Stop Now!” She was relentless, but right.

DG – Some have said because of you Gen. Flynn was made into a superhero before he was even acquitted.

General Flynn was a Hero long before I started doing this Art. I have however portrayed him to be the Hero and exceptional Patriot he is. I do believe my Art brought much attention to what General Flynn and his family had been going through. The gross injustice, false accusations, unfair attacks and framing of a great Patriot who gave thirty plus years of his life, serving and defending our Country. I felt I had to do something, and this was something I could do.

DG- Did you give some of your Art Prints to be auctioned for General Flynn’s defense fund?

Yes. We had several auctions where one hundred percent of the funds went to his defense Fund. I wish I could have done more.

DG – Some say you’re the one who works in the background connecting many together, in fact even discovering talent for the movement. Examples?

Yes it’s true, but I would rather stay silent on who. They all know what I did for them and that’s good enough for me. Remember it’s better to give?

DG- I’ve witnessed how your Art brings Patriots together. We all have a common goal of Making America Great, saving our kids and grandkids futures and freedom. Much of your early Art was calling attention to different views of the right and left, Democrat vs Republican. Since we were so heavily silenced, banned and kept from speaking truth or stating facts, did you feel your Art and or Prints would help wake people up to the issues of our time? I feel your early memes and Prints were a brilliant way to get truth to many without saying a word.

Well you hope they would. Many caught the hidden messages in those early memes.

DG - How much of the content of your early works were focused on shining a Patriotic view and shining a light on the issues we found our Country facing?

Simply 100%!

DG- One of my most heartwarming moments was in Dallas when General Flynn was talking to Patriot Leonard Crowl, as he wanted to be portrayed in his Print, we heard his story and with not a dry eye in the room, the feeling of love and Patriotism filled that room. Without hesitation, you offered to paint Leonard in his uniform, and gift for him and his family. That touched his heart, but he wanted to “be a Patriot” he said.

Yes, he lost everything in a house fire. He was a Navy vet, he recently passed. I offered to paint him in his navy uniform, but he stopped me at, “No, I want to be a patriot this time. I already fought in WWII.” Leonard was the kindest person and very mentally sharp for his age in the upper 90’s.

DG – Where does your generosity come from? You always give freely and fiercely defend what is right. You are one of the most amazing Patriots I know. I’m honored to call you friend.

Thank you. Well, it’s my faith in God and faith in His justice.

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