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The Journey

My name is Chepita Morales, and I am a 1st generation American, that was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1958 and later Naturalized a US citizen. I grew up in a very poor family of 6 girls, 3 older, and 2 younger, my mother, and a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic father who kept our family broke and without food because of his addiction. I remember going to sleep many nights extremely hungry. It also didn’t help that my country was under the control of the Somoza family, a puppet regime put in place by the American Govt. whose military wreaked havoc on the people.

In December of 1971, after just turning 13, was when my mother seized an opportunity for me to escape this life. An American Diplomat who had made friends with my older sisters, convinced her to let me return with him, as legal guardian, to Washington DC to live with his family and attend school. So, she let me go, not knowing what would befall me there.

Pedophilia began almost immediately as he would sexually fondle me while I was asleep. I’d wake up thinking that I was dreaming, but 4 months later, reality set in when he actually raped me. I was all alone, a scared young girl, not even knowing what sex was, without my mother, or anyone to hear my crying and comfort me. Things changed from poverty to perversion. I became very upset with the God I knew and wondered, ‘was this going to be my new life now?’

In July of 1973, the US Govt. sent us on assignment to Chile. On Sept 11, a US backed military coup began with Augusto Pinochet seizing control of the country from Salvador Allende. Curfews were instituted, food shortages, toilet paper, and bread lines began, and at 14, I personally witnessed the execution of many college students who lived across the street, suspected of having ties to Allende’s Marxist movement.

From Chile, we were sent to Peru. The Marxist terrorists were already slowly infiltrating the country. Not knowing the type of assignment we were on, I was surprised to see the Marxist terrorists show up at our front door with guns drawn. We hid until they left, and had to escape the next day, being evacuated back to Washington DC.

We remained in DC until he retired and then moved to Miami. It was there that after many years pretending to be his adopted daughter that he coerced me into marriage once I had turned 18.

While living in Miami, my life took another twist when I fell in love with a young Air Force guy. I was still married at the time, but 11 months later I divorced the old man, married my new husband and had a baby girl. In 1998 I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and became His Ambassador of the Gospel. Having now the Mind of Christ, He gave me the wisdom and understanding to realize that all I had been through was according to His plan and purpose, albeit painful.

Armed with the knowledge of these life experiences, I see what our political leaders are doing to America, and it angers me. As a legal Latina, I took the oath to defend our Constitution, and I will participate in the political system to effect changes. In 2020, I wrote a fingerprint ID bill using the website for the purpose of stopping voter fraud and submitted it to our State Representative to forward to Congress. I am also using my business as a platform to share the gospel, my story, and that there is only one America, blessed by God, and she is still worth fighting for!

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